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Entrepreneurs Guide

La Vecina Advertising Agency

Sector: Advertising Zone: Andalusia Address: 11001 Cádiz Contact: Sonia Romero Moreno Tlf: 660530183 Whatsapp: 675028300 Email: hola@agencialavecina.com Web: https://agencialavecina.com/

La Vecina is a communication and advertising agency located in Cádiz and founded by the daughter of a small business owner.

This agency is made up of an interesting network of freelance workers, photography professionals, video specialists and suppliers all over Spain. The common denominator among these professionals is their passion for design, the digital world, their loving dedication to their profession and their desire to help small businesses and local brands.

Their aim is to bring city neighbourhoods back to life and fill them with activity and movement. Through attractive design, quality images and creative ideas they want to boost local commerce, find original ways to reach potential consumers, adapting to new forms of consumption and customers. With all this in mind, the agency is happy to showcase all the good things their clients have to offer as well as showcasing the people behind each business.