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Alejandra Ceramic Art

Sector: Ceramics, Crafts Zone: Andalusia Address: Castellar, 61 41003 Sevilla Contact: Alina Alejandra Picart López Tlf: +34 722 733 663 Whatsapp: +34 722 733 663 Email: hola@alejandrapicart.com Web: https://alejandrapicart.com/

In her small shop and workshop, Alejandra Picart, a Cuban ceramist based in the centre of Seville, makes hand-painted tiles using the dry cord technique. She uses the tiles as a canvas to create decorative pieces that combine tradition and modernity. In her work, she combines innovative trends with an explosive palette of colours. Those who know her know that she is passionate and intense, and this is reflected in her beautiful work. Moreover, she designs and produces the tiles one by one.  She keeps a limited stock in her workshop and attends to personalised and unique orders. On the other hand, with the workshops she gives, she welcomes people who wish to experience painting a piece themselves.