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Entrepreneurs Guide

Alentejo Natural

Sector: Food Zone: Alentejo Address: Loja I: Praça Joaquim António Aguiar 13, 7005 Évora Contact: Ana Rita Guerreiro Tlf: +351 266 785 577 Email: geral@alentejonatural.com Web: http://www.alentejonatural.com/

At Produtos Naturais you will find food supplements and products for a healthy, vegetarian, organic diet. You will also find products for gluten-free, lactose-free and sugar-free diets suitable for coeliacs and diabetics, teas, and products suitable for children. Furthermore, they also have natural cosmetics and ecological, safe and environmentally friendly cleaning products.

At the Sabores Vegetarianos cafeteria, in shop 1, you will find delicious and healthy flavours to eat on the terrace or simply to take home. From vegetarian soups and meals, fruit and vegetable juices, detox juices, natural teas and wonderful tasty infusions to sweets, all made on-site to enhance true vegetarian flavours.