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Ângela Lacão- Solicitator

Sector: Consultancy, Solicitor Zone: Alentejo Address: Edifício NERE – Parque Industrial e Tecnológico de Évora, Rua Circular Norte 7005-841 Évora Contact: Ângela Lacão Tlf: +351 968 038 687 Whatsapp: +351 968 038 687 Email: angelalacao6789@gmail.com Web:

A Solicitor is a professional, qualified as a solicitor or barrister, who exercises a judicial mandate and provides legal advice.

A specially trained professional who can solve problems without hassle and unnecessary travel. With these services, in a timely manner, you can buy and sell a house, a car, set up a company or certify photocopies and translations, as well as certifying documents. In addition to these activities, we take care of delegations, tax settlements, among other matters, in a personalised manner and without unnecessary costs.

Contact me for a quality, fast and efficient service with legal certainty, saving time and money!