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Artesanía – Bordado con fieltro (Felt embroidery)

Sector: Crafts Zone: Rest of Spain Address: C/Nicolás Parejo, 31 Huertas de Animas, 10290 Trujillo, Cáceres Contact: Chari Bravo Tlf: +34646757957 Email: info@artesaniabordadoconfieltro.com Web: www.artesaniabordadoconfieltro.com

The founder of this company is an embroidery craftswoman belonging to the Association for the Promotion of Extremadura Crafts, within the textile sector, whose main objective is to showcase the roots of the typical Extremadura costume, adapting different accessories, working on the exclusivity of each piece, and giving each customer the possibility of personalising the product to be made to the maximum.