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Associação Talentos Unidos – TU

Sector: Socio-cultural and community services Zone: Alentejo Address: R. Nuno A. de Mascarenhas 6, 8100-664 Loulé, Portugal Contact: Eliane Regulle Tlf: +0035 289 040 092 Whatsapp: +0035 934 436 515 Email: info@talentosunidos.com Web: https://www.talentosunidos.com/?fbclid=IwAR28qyuiIVuwZgEay-S5zq6aLhXafApxD3XLOlYdH6nfykIyBjW9y2taFjA#objetivos

The mission of Asociación Talentos Unidos is to motivate civil, business and institutional society and to strengthen the tools that promote the integration of the most socially, morally, intellectually or financially disadvantaged members of the population, creating equal opportunities for all those who need them. Contributing to the union and integration of all in society.

Our ambition is to create the conditions to bring out each individual’s talents and abilities.


Our main objective is to support the local, immigrant and refugee population in their education, training and qualification; by supporting work and integration as a resource and individual, self-employed, governmental and associative or entrepreneurial partners.

  • The aim is to strengthen the intellectual, cultural, sporting and entrepreneurial tools that allow people to have more opportunities for social integration in their environment.
  • These objectives are pursued through diverse and innovative methods.

The objectives of the Asociación Talentos Unidos -TU- are guided by the objectives of the UN’s 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development Goals.