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Aula creativa de Música

Sector: Complementary training Zone: Andalusia Address: Cómo llegar Calle Guadarrama, 13, 04006 Almería Contact: Patricia Tlf: 950264431 607879595 Email: info@aulacreativademusica.com Web: http://www.aulacreativademusica.com/

The Aula Creativa de Música opened its doors in Almería in 2000 as a school of classical and modern music.

Services provided:

They offer courses in electric guitar, contemporary piano, modern singing and flamenco box drum, as well as courses in basic instruments such as Spanish and acoustic guitar, drums, bass, keyboard and piano.

There are also children’s music and music initiation workshops for children from 18 months to 10 years of age.