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Aula Integral de Formación

Sector: Complementary training Zone: Andalusia Address: Calle Rafael Alberti, 5, 23440 Baeza, Jaén Contact: Mª Angeles Osorio Martinez Tlf: 953747039 Email: direccion@aulaintegraldeformacion.es Web: http://www.aulaintegraldeformacion.es/

Aif is a company that designs and creates training, employment and education projects. It was founded in 1998 and has a basic staff structure of 17 people, with more than 60 floating workers derived from the projects we are currently working on. This company has two Quality Standards 9001 and 14001, certified since 2004, and the III Equal Opportunities Plan (2013-2015), and is hoping to obtain the Equality badge from the Secretary of State for Equality.
We are also a remote placement agency authorised by the SEPE with number 9900000255 where we seek the best professionals, both for our projects and for our clients as an added value in the services we provide.
The company’s services are divided into four areas, with two separate commercial brands (adults and minors).
We also have a remote training platform with more than 400 e-learning training actions, and 24 training actions leading to certificates of professionalism approved by the SAE of a face-to-face nature, in our facilities.
At present we are proceeding to homologate these certificates for remote training.

Services provided:

AIF and Activity Class are two commercial brands, related to the training of adults and the education of minors respectively.
AIF has three areas of work; Project development, training for employment and training centre for companies and individuals.