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Entrepreneurs Guide

Azul Producciones

Sector: Sound and image Zone: Andalusia Address: Calle Topacio 7, Balcón del Golf 35, 29649 Mijas Contact: Inmaculada Laure Tlf: 952932183 620977771 Email: info@azulproducciones.es Web: http://www.azulproducciones.es/

An audiovisual production company made up of a professional team with a sole objective: to produce quality, personalised work for each client. They try to capture the client’s needs in order to achieve a final result that surpasses the original idea.
Azul Producciones currently provides its services to “Wikono”, a media agency from Madrid, which distributes its images to national and international channels, mainly aimed at news programmes.

Services provided:

They record congresses, corporate videos, documentaries, video clips, adverts, television spots, weddings, Internet videos and QR codes.