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BarroAzul Gestión Cultural

Sector: Crafts, Culture, Tourism Zone: Andalusia Address: Calle Alfarería, 9, local B. 41010. Sevilla Contact: Paula Felizón Robles Tlf: 656694519 Email: barroazul@barroazul.es Web: https://www.barroazul.es

BarroAzul was created with the aim of raising awareness of the great heritage and artistic value of Sevillian ceramics. To this end, we work along different lines that include research, dissemination and, above all, immersion in the context of production of “ceramic material”, that is, to provide all those who approach our activities with a “real and palpable” knowledge of the ceramic object.

What do we do?

Courses: We design the content of courses on ceramics from different perspectives: historical-artistic, anthropological, commercial, labour, etc., and we carry out all the course management.

Workshops:We do pottery workshops adapted to all kinds of public: company incentives, schoolchildren, birthdays, friends… We adapt to the option that best suits our customers.

Exhibitions: We participate in the production of exhibitions related to the world of ceramics, from the management of the initial idea to the editing of the contents.

Historical reports: We carry out research and write historical reports for interventions on ceramic pieces with some sort of heritage protection.

In addition to all this, we offer pottery and ceramic painting classes for all those who wish to begin or advance in this fascinating art.