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Be Guiri

Sector: Graphic design, Souvenirs Zone: Andalusia Address: Cádiz Contact: Lea Korhonen y Seila Málaga Tlf: 639325990 646539311 Email: info@beguiri.com Web: http://www.beguiri.com/beguiri

Be Guiri is a brand of souvenirs and gift products from Cádiz created by two people whose aim is to showcase the province of Cádiz through design.

We create original designs adapting them to a variety of carefully selected products, seeking to offer quality materials and finishes.

Be Guiri products can be purchased at several points of sale that have placed their trust in the brand. On the website you can find a regularly updated map with all the points of sale:www.beguiri.com/contacto.

Be Guiri is a brand created in Cádiz for Cádiz because we believe that it makes sense for the souvenirs you take home to come from the place you want to remember.

We also personalise our products and create new customised designs to suit each customer’s needs.