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Entrepreneurs Guide

Bioquivir “Sabor Andaluz”

Sector: Organic agri-food Zone: Andalusia Address: C/ Córdoba, nº 24. 41520. El viso del Alcor, Sevilla Contact: Elena Rodríguez Vega Tlf: 670764221 Whatsapp: 670764221 Email: info@bioquivir.com Web: https://www.bionaranjasonline.com/

“Bioquivir” was created as a brand name for our BIO products. It is the result of a family effort that has managed to combine horticultural traditions with new resources and technologies, thus adapting to the new and demanding organic product markets. Combining youth and experience, we have managed to position our star product BIONARANJAS (“BIO-ORANGES”) at a national and international level, offering high quality and service, key values for us and our customers.