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Bordados artesanales Merto (Embroidery)

Sector: Arts and crafts Zone: Andalusia Contact: Antonia Rodríguez Jiménez Tlf: 635698846 Email: info@bordadosmerto.com Web: http://www.bordadosmerto.com/html/index2.html

Artisan embroiderers from Granada (artisans of Andalusia registration number 180100010), who embroider all sorts of trousseaux for fraternities and guilds.

If necessary, they can also create the designs. They are the only certified artisanal company of the kind in the area, and they had to meet very demanding standards to register and were thoroughly inspected and assessed.

Services provided:

Their handcrafted embroidery techniques allow them to perform their work quickly, with prices that are 200% cheaper in proportion to the high quality and result offered.
Each embroidered piece is unique and unrepeatable.