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Caprichos del Guadalquivir

Sector: Gastronomy, Organic agri-food Zone: Andalusia Address: Av. Félix Rodriguez de la Fuente s/n. Escuela de Empresas, Nave nº4 Contact: Inmaculada Martínez Pérez Tlf: +34 686 45 14 38 Whatsapp: +34 686 45 14 38 Email: info@caprichosdelguadalquivir.com Web: http://www.caprichosdelguadalquivir.com/

Artisanal orange marmalades made in Palma del Río, Córdoba.

It is also handmade and natural, just like our grandmothers used to make it. Unlike others, this marmalade, Caprichos del Guadalquivir is made with a higher percentage of fruit, more than 70% of Cadenera oranges. This is because we use only oranges at their optimum point of ripeness, hand-picked from our orchard, avoiding the excessive use of sugar. No colourings, no pectins, no additives, make it a natural and very special marmalade. Its sweet and not bitter taste is another of our characteristics.

The Cadenera orange is of superior quality, its flavour and texture are unrivalled, it is a native variety and its fine peel and flesh make it unique.