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Sector: Tourism Zone: Andalusia Address: CÓRDOBA (AGENCIA ONLINE) Contact: ISABEL CALVACHE Tlf: 699611577 Whatsapp: 699611577 Email: INFO@CARACOLTOURS.ES Web: WWW.CARACOLTOURS.ES

An expert in International Negotiation with a long career working for Spanish export SMEs, after 20 years away from Cordoba I decided to return to my homeland to create Caracol Tours, a pioneering slow tourism agency in Spain specialising in Japanese tourism. Caracol Tours is the most outstanding provider of experiences based on the traditions of Cordoba. As a DMC, we design tailor-made stays for FIT and MICE -references such as Airbus endorse our good work- and we coordinate fam-trips and press trips with international tourism professionals. Cordoba is the only European city with 4 UNESCO mentions, but beyond the essential monumental offer, a large part of our proposal revolves around the gastronomic pillars of Cordoba – Iberian, wine, olive oil – to raise awareness of the product from the base: stroll through organic olive groves to contemplate the veraison; understand with a livestock farmer why the Dehesa is a traditional model of extensive livestock farming unique in Europe; blind taste wine and oil in traditional taverns; learn the art of pouring or ham cutting; participate in vine maintenance such as pruning, picking and treading the grapes; enjoy excellent pairings between local wines and gastronomy…

Aware of the importance of promoting a destination in the target market, Caracol Tours collaborates with Cordovan institutions in promotional activities of Cordoba in Japan, such as the publication in 2016 of the first guide to Cordoba in Japanese, “Genic trip in Cordoba”, written by the young blogger Sayuri Ishii, or the I Cordoba Week in Tokyo, a full week of events focused on Cordovan traditions held in September 2017.

The other activity that I have been carrying out since my return to Córdoba is CATAS CON ISA, a unique proposal that was born with the idea of bringing the wines of Córdoba to our homes through entertaining tastings to go and that today includes spaces as unique as century-old taverns, 5-star hotels, wine cellars or a courtyard with columns from the 16th century. Official trainer of the DOP Montilla-Moriles and trained in gourmet aove (extra virgin olive oil) tasting by Citoliva and the DOP Priego, I confess to being in love with our wines and oils and I try to transmit this love through my tastings to locals, as a beautiful way to identify with our Cordovan roots, and also to foreigners, who find in my tastings a different way to discover and enjoy Cordoba through the palate and the senses.