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Entrepreneurs Guide

Carretillas Amate S.L.

Sector: Agriculture, Auxiliary Machinery Zone: Andalusia Address: Sierra de Castillejos 39, 04240 Viator, Almería Contact: Luisa Amate Salvador Tlf: 950304926 Email: info@carretillasamate.com Web: http://www.carretillasamate.com/

Time is one of the scarcest goods in our society, so it must be used to the fullest. Our main goal is to facilitate the tasks of farmers in the intensive cultivation fields, our team develops the most diverse tools to save time and achieve an optimal result when carrying out any of the various tasks that are performed in the greenhouse.
We are in increasingly demanding markets with a greater international presence, so the quality and image of the product, as well as the price, are determining factors, which is why Carretillas Amate is innovating every day to constantly improve these factors.

Services provided:

Manual and electric machinery for intensive farming.
Since Carretillas Amate’s beginnings, collection trolleys have been our most outstanding product, covering a transition space between a traditional work method of handpicking into buckets and subsequent sorting of the goods and direct collection, avoiding handling and saving on labour costs.
1.- TIZONA Featured product.
Independent autonomous machine for control of phytosanitary products.
Articulated, with Diesel engine, 4-wheel drive, 500 l capacity.
For all types of terrain.

2-CARRILED. Seedbed trolley for germination chamber with LED light
Germination trolleys with LED artificial light are currently being developed to enhance and develop the germination of the grafts with greater efficiency and productivity, and studies have shown that planting shortens the healing process and increases rooting.

It is a trolley, designed and studied to provide the minimum risk to the operator while applying the product with greater homogeneity and in less time than with any other method of application…


For optimum performance when working at height. Maximum stability, large turning radius and rear-wheel drive are the main features of this machine.

The traditional warehouse, storage and transport trolleys have become a classic on every farm.