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Entrepreneurs Guide

C&C Group

Sector: Advertising, Events Zone: Andalusia Address: ALMERIA 040006 Contact: Marta María Contreras Cano Tlf: 630052234 Email: marta@cycgroup.es Web: www.cycgroup.es

C&C Group is a young company that has been created with the desire, drive and maturity of professional experts with a great track record in each of our fields of action.

We are convinced that our clients are our best salespeople, their satisfaction and commitment are our guarantees. We place a whole team of experts at your disposal that allows us to adapt our knowledge to each client’s needs.

We love and are passionate about what we do. We like listening, creating, drawing, sharing, designing, thinking, laughing, feeling… but what attracts us above all is communicating. Reaching others is the purpose of our work and if we make you feel, get excited and feel enthusiastic as we do, we will have achieved the most marvellous thing in the world.

Crossing the line from the tangible to the intangible and doing it well requires having the right tools, knowing how to use them, having the right knowledge and professionals who love challenges.