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Entrepreneurs Guide

Centro de Estudios Harlo, S.C.A. (Centre of Studies)

Sector: Complementary training Zone: Andalusia Address: Avda. Europa, 89, Calle Jano, 7, 29010, Málaga Contact: Nuria de Haro Tlf: 951931859 952333064 625247114 Email: cestudiosharlo@gmail.com Web: http://www.academiaharlo.es/

They have two centres in the most populated and easily accessible areas of Malaga. They offer language classes (English, French, Chinese) from the age of three; school support classes, courses for adults, A2 to C2 language qualifications. Trinity College examination centre; specialist in preparation for the Selectividad exams for foreigners; they organise school holiday camps and extracurricular activities.

Services provided:

Very useful face-to-face classes to help students from foreign countries, such as Morocco, for example, to pass the university entrance exam (selectividad UNED).