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Cerámica Fango

Sector: Zone: Andalusia Address: C/ Vara del Rey, nº 6. 41003. Sevilla. Contact: Teresa Aguilar Iglesia Tlf: +34651191036 Email: alfarestesa@hotmail.com / ceramicateresaaguilar@gmail.com Web: https://ceramicafango.es/

Cerámica Fango is the result of years of effort, study and dedication to the noble craft of pottery and artistic ceramics by the prolific artist Teresa Aguilar. Her pottery is decorative and employs all sorts of techniques. Her work has been forged through years of study and training as a student of different schools. She studied three years of pottery and two years of artistic ceramics at the Escuela de Artes y Oficios del Pabellón de Chile school of arts and crafts (Seville), as well as one year at the Escuela de Artesanos Della Robbia artisan’s school.

Cerámica Fango’s creations transmit the pleasure and magic of working with clay, the wonderful sensation that is achieved by pressing a piece of clay either with your hands or with the help of a potter’s wheel. The work is born from the purest love for the raw material, from direct contact with the creative principle, resulting in unique pieces made with the purest artisanal procedure.