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Clínica del pie Maria Campos Rodríguez (Foot clinic)

Sector: Health, Health, Health, Healthcare Zone: Andalusia Address: Avenida del Aljarafe, 19, casa número 3 Address: 41080 Pilas (Sevilla) Contact: María Campos Rodríguez Tlf: +34 954 75 05 55 Email: Web:

María Campos Rodríguez is a health professional specialising in the treatment of everything related to our foot health. She is constantly learning and recycling her professional knowledge, and regularly attends specialised congresses in Spain and abroad. She has also recently completed a master’s degree in subjects related to tread and its importance for the health of the rest of our body, the use of insoles and their design to meet all requirements.

At her foot clinic in Pilas, Seville, which is open in the mornings and the afternoons, she attends to all issues related to foot health, the treatment of specific conditions, bone and circulation problems, as well as the maintenance of healthy feet as the basis of health, since our feet support all the weight of our body while we walk or stand.