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Entrepreneurs Guide

Cortijo Chacón

Sector: Hospitality and Tourism Zone: Andalusia Address: Ctra. Cazalla-Guadalcanal A8200 km 5,9, Cazalla de la Sierra 41370, Sevilla Contact: Carmen Tlf: 717770506 Email: carmen@cortijochacon.es Web: http://cortijochacon.es/

Welcome to Cortijo Chacón.

I’m Carmen, this is my family and this is our home. Located in the heart of the Sierra Norte de Sevilla Natural Park, 6 kilometres from Cazalla de la Sierra, a beautiful and magnificent place that enchanted me as soon as I saw it.

Acquired in 2008 in a dilapidated state, after years of careful restoration we have achieved, in materials and design, integration and respect for nature and the environment that create a sense of harmony.

The enthusiasm and passion that have moved us in this project are reflected in the care and attention to every detail, each with its meaning and essence, which makes our house a unique place, welcoming and full of life.

Contemplate, listen, breathe, touch and above all feel the experience that we offer you… The doors of our house are open, it will be a pleasure to share it with you.