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Courela do Zambujeiro

Sector: Agriculture, Tourism Zone: Alentejo Address: Estrada Nacional 254 - Apartado 110, Redondo Contact: Eduarda Tavares Tlf: +351 914 983 092 +351 266 999 096 Whatsapp: +351 914 983 092 Email: eduardatavares@coureladozambujeiro.com Web: http://www.coureladozambujeiro.com

La Courela del Zambujeiro came to meet the childhood dream of one of its founders, who upon tasting producer’s oil sensed the attention and dedication that went into its conception. Due to its quality, the oil was destined only for the family and the closest of friends, who valued the importance of such a product in their diets.

Eduarda’s family has, for more than 100 years, been dedicated to the production of Port Wine and also to the production of olive oil in the Douro region of Portugal, with the aim of practising organic agriculture in a protected natural environment. This task was facilitated by the knowledge her family has acquired over the centuries.

When they acquired a property in Redondo – Alentejo, with an olive grove with more than 400 centenary olive trees, they quickly rediscovered the flavours of their childhood, awakening in them the urge to realise the dream of producing excellent olive oil.

Courela del Zambujeiro Biological Oil was born from that dream, respecting tradition and traditional cultural values, the environment and the land that gave birth to this sustainable project, producing such a pure and healthy oil.