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Sector: Agriculture Zone: Andalusia Address: Calle Rubí, Nave 5-6 Polígono Industrial, 04825 Chirivel, Almería Contact: Carmen Román Reche Tlf: 950413149 Email: gerencia@crisara.com Web: http://www.crisara.com/

CRISARA is a company specialising in the manufacture and marketing of phytofortifiers and residue-free fertilisers, respectful of health and the environment, by launching its own brand on the market: the FERCRISA range, an organic line of plant nutrition and health.

Services provided:

Waste-free fertilisers and phytofortifiers, agricultural services, agro-environmental technical consultancy, nurseries and gardening, packaging management, reduction of pollution in aquifers, conservation of spaces and species, sustainable exploitation of natural resources, etc.