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Cristina Francisquinho

Sector: Agricultural advice and technical support Zone: Alentejo Address: Rua dos Clérigos, nº 5 - 1ºDto, 7300-191 Portalegre Contact: Cristina Francisquinho Tlf: +351 962 648 926 Whatsapp: +351 962 648 926 Email: cristina.francisquinho@gmail.com Web:

Cristina FrancisquinhoAgricultural Consultancy and Technical Support is a project that works in the field of Agricultural Sciences, promoting the enhancement and revitalisation of the agricultural heritage of the region, operating since January 2014.

With 21 years of professional experience in the agricultural sector and knowledge of its weaknesses in the region, the project is based on the logic of increasing and raising awareness of sustainable and precision agricultural practices, through the development and application of agricultural methodologies and techniques that allow greater productivity and competitiveness for producers in the sector.