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Sector: Rural Tourism Zone: Alentejo Address: Herdade Serra dos Mendes, 7580-701, Alcácer do Sal Contact: Catarina Francês Tlf: +351 968 610 688 Email: reservas@cucumbi.com Web: https://www.cucumbi.com/

The journey through the vast fields of the beautiful Alentejo region to the simple but refined Herdade Cucumbi is the perfect appetizer for what will be a refined and unforgettable experience.

At Cucumbi you can enjoy the comfort and security they offer, as well as the endless activities that the space has to offer, such as its large swimming pool with a splendid view of the Alentejo countryside, a games room with countless amusements at your disposal, a lake where you can learn or practise your fishing skills, a trail of about 5 km around the estate where you can walk or cycle, bird watching areas where you can discover the local biodiversity, the Casa do Lago which is intended as a learning space with derived workshops and also a local shop where you can buy physical souvenirs of this charming space.