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Entrepreneurs Guide

Dar Manara

Sector: Tourism Zone: Andalusia Address: Rue Mjima'a. 09050. Asilah, Marruecos. Contact: Ana Caballero. Tlf: 00212677398267 Whatsapp: 00212677398267 Email: a.caballeropavo@gmail.com Web: http://www.asilah-darmanara.com/

Our company is a small establishment with 5 rooms, where the main goal is to act as a bridge between the culture of this Moroccan country and the travellers who stay at Dar Manara.
To act as a bridge providing the traveller with close contact with the environment, with the local people, creating actions that make it easier for them to get to know the environment, both natural and social. The second goal is for the space to be a means of intercultural encounters, creating a relaxed atmosphere, facilitating communication, and encouraging rest and relaxation.
We already have 10 years of experience providing our services, and we are the second establishment recognised in Asilah as a special and recommended place.