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Entrepreneurs Guide

Diana Dhanpal

Sector: Coaching, Direct sales/Coaching/Leadership Zone: Andalusia Address: C/ Paraíso, nº 4. 4º-1. 11405. Jerez de la Frontera. Cádiz. Contact: Diana Dhanpal. Tlf: +34 633 458 790 Whatsapp: +34 633 458 790 Email: dianadhanpalhappypro@gmail.com Web:

I am in the early stages of creating a marketing network to introduce a range of high-purity, high-tech wellness products.

I offer personalised accompaniment and training to women who want to partner with me to offer these products and lead their own distribution team, along with a community of women entrepreneurs to work with as a team.

The principles of my organisation are:

Purpose: to work from the heart, with a clear and transparent intention to do good, both with the products we recommend and the networked business opportunity we offer.

Humility: no matter what your life experience is, everyone can teach and learn something from others. Knowing how to recognise one’s own limitations and mistakes, as well as learning to ask for forgiveness and to laugh at oneself is very important for developing this network business.

Mutual support: in this community we know that women carry many burdens and we offer each other a lot of support and affection to make the way a little sweeter and smoother. Together we are stronger, and we feel more inspired.