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Eco-Cork Factory

Sector: Cork, Tourism and Agriculture Zone: Algarve Address: Sítio da Mesquita Baixa Address: 8150-048 Sao Brás de Alportel Address: Algarve, Portugal Contact: Sofía Carrusca Tlf: +351965561166 Email: turismo@algarverotas.com Web:

Eco-Cork Factory is a company located in Sao Bras de Alportel, near Faro, Portuguese Algarve. Founded by Francisco Carrusca, today his daughter Sofia Carrusca is in charge of the management of this family business, including innovation and services such as business and industrial tourism.

The company has been in existence for more than a century, which guarantees their experience and knowledge of the sector. The quality of the raw material they work with, cork, is backed by a large number of highly satisfied customers. Their quality controls and seals of approval, such as the application of the International Code of Cork Cork Practices and certification for C.E.LIÉGE, among others, guarantee their excellence.

The products offered include cork sheets of different thicknesses and characteristics depending on their intended use: construction, fashion and accessories, decoration, handicrafts, etc.

The factory also offers interesting guided tours for anyone who wishes to learn more about the process of preparing cork, from its extraction straight from the tree to making it a warm, malleable material, which insulates from cold and heat as well as sound and is durable and always attractive.