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Egora, Criação de Imagem Lda (Image creation)

Sector: Graphic design Zone: Alentejo Address: Praça Joaquim António de Aguiar N.º 18, fr. AR 7000-510, Évora Contact: Sandra Paulino Tlf: +351 916 072 651 Whatsapp: +351 916 072 651 Email: mail@ego.com.pt | sandra@ego.com.pt Web: http://www.ego.com.pt/

Graphic design is increasingly becoming the core of our lives, in a growing breadth of media where only the best jumps out at the public’s distracted gaze. Ego – Design and Advertising Agency presents itself to the market with this thought in mind.
They have a vision of the future, and in their approach, design is revealed as a strategic component in the development of each project they accompany, from the initial idea to its implementation.
Since 2002, they have been promoting brands all over the world, producing designs for wine producers, stands, websites, magazines, logos, among others, always aiming for the total satisfaction of their clients. The understanding of the product, the service, the client’s objectives and the target audience is translated into a solution via different means.