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Entrepreneurs Guide

El mundo de Mapi

Sector: Children's fashion Zone: Andalusia Address: C/ Alcázares 3 (las Setas) 41003 Sevilla Contact: Rocío Márquez Tlf: +34 955 326 621 Email: hola@elmundodemapi.es Web: http://www.elmundodemapi.es/

Mapi is the union of mami (mummy) and papi (daddy), an affectionate way of addressing parents. The firm arises from the need to create a space in which to share the world that surrounds us with our children, to be with them, to grow in respect for others and for the planet. That’s why they seek reusable products for their shop, products made of sustainable materials, local products, products that take care of our environment and don’t produce waste, products that respect the child and his or her individual development.

They also offer activities for families to share and enjoy parenting. Love, dedication, affection, joy, connection, enjoyment, nature, communication, simplicity, smiles, union, experience. This is where Mapi’s spirit comes from, growing up together, living happily, because they believe that the best gift we can give our children, Mother Nature and ourselves is to grow with them, to be their guide, to teach them, to play, to share.