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Sector: Education, Training Zone: Rest of Spain Address: Donosti, Jerez, Sevilla y Barcelona Contact: Raquel López Tlf: 692599391 Email: jerez@epickidslab.com Web: https://www.epickidslab.com/

The first School for enterprising children.

Epickids Lab is a school aimed at children aged between 5 and 18, where they will learn how to develop their idea with the support of qualified staff.

Dreams have no limits, we will help them to think big.

The goal is: To acquire knowledge and fundamental tools for entrepreneurship through play and teamwork.

Our methodology helps them to improve their:

  • Self-esteem: learning that fosters self-confidence.
  • Leadership: proactivity, public speaking and teamwork.
  • Emotional intelligence: recognising and detecting emotions.
  • Entrepreneurial skills: STEAM and tools.