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Equinostrum- Centro Ecuestre y de Ocio de Faro

Sector: Tourism Zone: Algarve Address: Rua António Aleixo, Nº 158, 8005-310 Faro Contact: Nelly Henrique de Brito Tlf: +351 965 849 884 Whatsapp: +351 965 849 884 Email: geral@equinostrum.pt Web: www.equinostrum.pt

Equinostrum is a leisure centre with various activities for children, adults, families, friends and companies. Located between Faro and Montenegro (Algarve-Portugal) at the heart of the Ria Formosa Natural Park where you can enjoy the beauty and tranquillity of Nature. Equinostrum is an accessible centre with the appropriate equipment, with a main structure with a reception area, restaurant, cafeteria and terrace overlooking the playground. It also has 4 independent spaces:

  1. Stables and riding arenas
  2. Spas to support recreational and sporting activities
  3. Multi-purpose hall
  4. Massage room

Come and discover this paradise with countless activities for you, your family and your friends.