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Estudio Ciento2

Sector: Blown and fused glass Zone: Andalusia Address: C/ San Luis, nº70 puerta 21. 41003. Sevilla. Contact: Sonia Osuna. Tlf: 606969538 Whatsapp: 606969538 Email: estudiociento2@gmail.com / info@estudiento2.com Web: http://estudiociento2.com/

A studio located in the city of Seville that specialises in working with glass and has three different lines of production: jewellery, decorative objects and archaeological reproductions.

The influence of life in the south of Spain, the light, the sea and the intensity of colour are crucial for the creation of their jewellery collections. Their jewellery transmits and expresses through glass some of the feelings that keep human beings in contact with their environment. The play of contrasts and different textures is fundamental in their work.

Estudio Ciento2 uses artisanal techniques in the manufacturing process, pursuing their own vision and providing personality to the design in each of their collections.