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Evoluziona Social

Sector: Consultancy, Social Services Zone: Rest of Spain Address: Huelva Contact: Marta Martín Gómez Tlf: 619481412 Email: evoluziona.social@gmail.com Web: https://www.martamartingomez.es/evoluziona-social-3/

Social consultancy aimed at helping in this changing society. To this end, they accompany people and organisations towards more responsible, more sustainable, more ecological models… which start with the ordinary citizen and are completed in society with groups, communities and organisations.

It is a way of contributing to social sustainability and to the personal development of the individual.

This service consists of promoting the relationship between the company, people and emotions so that all three elements benefit from its characteristics.

Who is it aimed at?


Social care services on an individual and collective basis. Complementing the management of social and public services.
We accompany individuals, families, groups and companies to improve their social functions.


Project management. EISMETHODS is a technology-based company, a spin-off of the University of Huelva. It develops three lines of work:
1) Applied social research.
2) Social intervention and social services.
3) Specialisation in vulnerable groups.