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Sector: Zone: Address: Edificio NERE, Parque Industrial e Tecnológico de Évora Rua Circular Norte (212,05 km) 7005-841 Évora Évora Contact: Maria Figueiredo Tlf: Email: maria.figueiredo@exclusivekey.pt Web: http://exclusivkey.com/

EXCLUSIVKEY is an international company with an eye for innovative technological ideas. With a young, innovative, dynamic and highly competent team in the areas of Management, Technology and Engineering, we develop solutions applied to various areas of human, agricultural and zootechnical activity.

– Smart models and solutions based on IoT “Internet of Things”.

– Application of new Information and Communication Technologies (ICT).

– Platforms for the management and control of crowds, spaces, parking and logistics.

– Access Control and Management Systems, Membership Management, Local and Online Tickets and Accreditation.

– Software Application for capturing facial images and digital printing on a mobile device.

– Digital Economy and Communication, Web Solutions, Software Development, Web Applications, Mobile Apps and Web Marketing.