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Entrepreneurs Guide

Farasha Producciones

Sector: Cultural Services Zone: Andalusia Address: C/ Oidores, 23 1810 GRANADA Contact: Marisa Asensio Tlf: + 34858125106 +34620225059 Whatsapp: +34620225059 Email: marisa@farashaproducciones.net Web: www.farashaproducciones.net

Artist management: Complete management of artistic work: discography (record research, music editing, royalty management, …), booking and production of concerts, agenda planning services…

Comprehensive production of cultural events

Musical programming for musical cultural events and venues such as festivals, fairs, festivals, concerts, concert halls, cultural centres,…

Production and booking of national artistic tours for national and international artists.

Billing services for artists with subscriptions, cancellations and writing contracts.

Services provided:

DOBLAS and LEONE artistic management

Production of concerts, festivals and cultural events

Programming consultancy for public and private cultural spaces and events.