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Entrepreneurs Guide

Filhoses de Cabrela

Sector: Food, Food and drink Zone: Alentejo Contact: Maria Joao Galveia Tlf: Email: info@filhosesdecabrela.pt Web: http://filhosesdecabrela.pt/

I have always valued and appreciated genuine and artisanal products.

When my life changed and moved to Cabrela I had my first contact with the Hijos de Cabrela (Sons of Cabrela), a unique product that is a symbol of this picturesque Alentejo town.

It was by chance and from a wish to produce something unique that I began to make Hijos de Cabrela.

From the Filhós came the Farripas of Filhós of Cabrela, a product created and registered by myself that differs from the Filhós of Cabrela in aesthetic terms.

After the two main products, sweet potato broas (a tender and moist cake), fragancias (a cake with a stronger taste) and avezias (also known as vainas or pasteles, depending on geography) also arose. Azerias can have grain, sweet potato, jelly, or sweet egg fillings, all of which I make myself.

All the products are made in an artisanal manner, which gives them an unbeatable flavour at a superior quality.