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Entrepreneurs Guide

Fundación Monte Mediterráneo

Sector: Agri-livestock Zone: Andalusia Address: Santa Olalla del Cala, 21260 Contact: Mariana Yuan Ribeiro Couto Tlf: 639705375 Email: mariana@fundacionmontemediterraneo.com Web: http://www.fundacionmontemediterraneo.com/

The Monte Mediterráneo Foundation wants to help Dehesas to continue to be the “barriers against the desert”, sheltering as many species of flora and fauna as possible. In order to achieve this, it is essential that the exploitation is carried out sustainably and ecologically with different types of livestock and that the forestry work is carried out with care.

The marketing of products under our own brand and the implementation of research projects complete our range of activities. In the hope that our efforts will reach more and more people, we run various training courses and internships in our Training Centre. In this respect, we have (broadly speaking):

  • Cattle – Retinta breed, suckler cows and extensive ecological breeding.
  • Fattening pigs – ecological breeding of 100% Iberian “Pata Negra” acorn-fed pigs, through extensive breeding in the Dehesa, which make use of acorns during the winter. Later, they become the famous Jamón Ibérico de bellota (acorn-fed Iberian ham). The entire transformation process is carried out locally.
  • Merino sheep – production of ecological lamb from the Merino breed. This livestock transhumances to the mountain passes of León and Palencia in the summer, thus allowing for rational management of resources, as well as promoting biodiversity.
  • Flora/Fauna/Biodiversity: The Dehesa is home to numerous habitats. We are committed to conscientious practices for the protection of species and the conservation of nature. In this respect, we highlight the presence on the estate of the emblematic Natural Monument – the holm oak and cork oak of the Dehesa San Francisco.
  • Forestry: We carry out different reforestation projects on the Foundation’s estate to ensure the continuity of the Dehesa, such as reforestation with seedlings and the promotion of natural regeneration through jays. And we are FSC certified.
  • Training Centre: offers short and long-term placements (e.g. work experience in agri-livestock farming, work-based learning).
  • Several rural development projects with different scopes of impact, from Eramus+KA1 and KA2, social projects at a local level.
  • Research: As an area of study for research, it offers the possibility to develop and create different tools for the conservation and sustainable development of the Dehesa and all its focuses (production, social, environmental and political).