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Entrepreneurs Guide

Heimdall Technologies

Sector: ICTs Zone: Rest of Spain Address: C/Morería 7 2º D. 14.008. Córdoba Contact: Mónica Blanco Martínez Tlf: 615897365 Email: mblanco@heimdalltechnologies.com Web: https://heimdalltechnologies.com/

Development of disruptive RFID-NFC platforms, which communicate and verify real-time information on products or services with SMART LABELS.
Our platforms contribute to the current digital revolution of obtaining information “Here and Now”.

We make current identification systems such as QR or barcodes obsolete.
Creating a single direct and secure communication channel between the user and the company.
With the smart label attached to the product or place, and by bringing the mobile device close to it, without the need to download any application, we will enter the platform in real-time and obtain:

– As a consumer, all product information in real-time.
– As a company, we can analyse the profiles of our customers such as gender, age, location…

Key to improving our marketing and getting to know our consumers better.