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Sector: Image consultancy Zone: Andalusia Contact: Pastora María López Raposo Tlf: 662152472 Whatsapp: 662152472 Email: ip@imagenpersonalasesores.com Web: http://imagenpersonalasesores.com/

Imagen Personal Asesores is a project led by Pastora López and Isabel Alfonso from Huelva. Together they work on awareness of the importance of image, non-verbal language and the messages we send out about ourselves and our companies, both in work and social life.

They offer workshops for individuals, managers, companies, groups and anyone who wishes to take into account this important aspect of our lives in order to reach their goals at all levels.

At their effective professional image management workshops, they analyse, among many other things: image codes, the importance of colour, how to create a wardrobe, how to organise a suitcase for a business trip, body language to transmit security and confidence, the appropriate clothing according to the professional profile, etc.

They offer face-to-face and online workshops as well as personalised advice according to the objectives of the person or group that requires their services.

In short, they help us to dress with a purpose and lead our project successfully. Follow them on social networks for some very useful tips!