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Sector: Wellness, Yoga Zone: Andalusia Address: Calle San Miguel, 17, 11100 San Fernando, Cádiz Contact: María Tlf: +34 695 86 82 98 Whatsapp: +34 695 86 82 98 Email: indiyogaa@gmail.com Web:

At the INDI YOGA studio, located in the province of Cádiz, they teach Hatha yoga, Vinyasa flow and meditation. Here, you will learn conscious breathing techniques that will help you to concentrate and calm your mind.

The firm offers a variety of workshops (Yoga&Dream, Yoga&Family, Yoga&Brunch, Ayurveda…) for those who are looking for a dream retreat near the sea where they can disconnect, relax and find their inner peace. In each activity you will learn postures to increase flexibility and to strengthen muscles and bones, you will also learn techniques to develop the ability to concentrate and the ability to be in the present moment, you will strengthen fundamental values such as listening (to oneself and to others), respect and empathy, and on a deeper level, yoga will help us to love ourselves and the world we live in more.

INDI YOGA will help you with everything you need. Enjoy your yoga retreat in this spectacular space!