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Isabelle Pradas Upcycling

Sector: Crafts Zone: Andalusia Address: Calle Morera, 5 41003 Sevilla Contact: Isabelle Pradas Email: info@isabellepradas.com Web: https://www.isabellepradas.com/

Born in 1985 in Paris where she lived until she was 18. In 2003 she moved to Seville and in 2007 she began her studies in Furnishing at the School of Applied Arts where she discovered the world of interior design, design, art and restoration. In her long trajectory, finally, in 2016 she started her personal project, Isabelle Pradas, with which she tries to promote creativity, recycling, art in all its forms, natural materials and fair trade. In addition to her work as a furniture restorer through upcycling, she currently teaches a variety of courses and classes in her workshop focused on creative restoration and recycling.