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Sector: Cosmetics Zone: Rest of Portugal Address: Travessa do Miradoiuro nº6, 5 Esq, Alfragide Contact: Elisabete Ramalho Email: info@kivens.com Web: https://kivens.com/pt-pt/

KIVENS is a Portuguese company created in 2020, dedicated to bringing you effective and non-aggressive products, specially designed for people with sensitive skin. Following more than five years of research full of effort, trial and error, we have focused our efforts on developing innovative products based on clinically proven ingredients of natural origin.

Inspired by the founder’s personal experience, we created a multidisciplinary team, composed of a chemical engineer, a chemist and a Senior Diagnostic and Therapeutic Technician in Pharmacy. The team began developing formulas that resulted in highly effective products that respect and optimise the skin’s natural mechanisms.

KIVENS is based on the quality and integrity of the ingredients, our aim is “Less-but-more-effective”.