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La Cháchara

Sector: Performing arts Zone: Andalusia Contact: Ángeles Fernández & Marco Flecha Tlf: +34 679946857 Whatsapp: +34 679946857 Email: cuentacuentos.lachachara@gmail.com Web: https://www.cuentachachara.com/

The voices of storytelling duo Ángeles Fernández and Marco Flecha will bring tales, myths, legends and magical stories to Seville, where they carry out their artistic activity.

Ángeles was born in the world of storytelling in South America and belonged to the storytelling movement in Paraguay. She organised the First Popular Storytelling Encounter in Paraguay and participated in the Uruguayan Storytelling Encounter.

Marco is an actor and socio-cultural entertainer but above all a storyteller. He is a member and founding partner of the Latin American Storytelling Network and ¡Piiiipu! – Storytelling Group Paraguay. He has participated in several storytelling festivals in countries such as Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, Bolivia, Paraguay, Portugal, France and Spain.