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La Cocinera Tremenda

Sector: Gastronomy Zone: Andalusia Address: Puesto 14, Calle Pastor y Landero, 8 41001 Sevilla Contact: Federica Gagliardi Tlf: +34 644 74 45 71 Whatsapp: +34 644 74 45 71 Email: lacocineratremenda@gmail.com Web:

Federica Gagliardi came to Seville from Rome to pursue her passion for cooking on her own initiative and personal decision. Eight years later she is at the helm of a tasty business initiative based on a love of Italian cuisine and a job well done. With her own cooking workshop and sales outlet of delicious products in the Arenal food market in Seville, she prepares traditional homemade Italian takeaway dishes. She also has homemade cakes and desserts, and you can find Italian gourmet products in her shop.