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La Figurativa

Sector: Art, Art School, Exhibition Space Zone: Andalusia Address: C/ Curtidurías, 6, 41002 Sevilla Contact: Ana Campos Saa Tlf: +34 674442130 Whatsapp: +34 674442130 Email: lafigurativa@gmail.com Web:

La Figurativa is an artistic and creative space located in the centre of Seville, at number 6, Calle Curtidurías. This space was founded and is coordinated by Ana Campos Saa, a graduate in fine arts. The particularity of this space is that different activities coexist simultaneously. Workshops are organised for getting into or furthering knowledge of drawing and painting, where each student can work on the materials they wish to use and the style they choose, without the need to join a single theme to be tackled by all the students at the same time. This particularity allows a diversity of profiles that enriches the experience.