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Entrepreneurs Guide

Lale Gómez, Social consultant

Sector: Consultancy and services, Social Zone: Rest of Spain Address: Huelva Contact: María Ángeles Gómez Tlf: 671171711 Email: soylalegomez@gmail.com Web: https://www.lalegomez.com/

Consultancy and social communication company.

Lale Gómez is an expert in Communication and social transformation projects for human innovation.

“I want to help you discover that other ways of doing business, of participating, of contributing to the better world we dream of, are possible”.

To communicate with common sense, with passion in what you believe in, to communicate courageously.  I want to encourage you to create projects that bring value, that promote positive social impact, that respond to the needs of people, of territories, that are committed to the Sustainable Development Goals.


  • Social communication projects and SDGs
  • Valuable communication
  • Conscious entrepreneurship