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Entrepreneurs Guide

Las Delicias del Palacio del Deán

Sector: Organic agri-food Zone: Rest of Spain Address: Villamiel, Cáceres Contact: Natalia del Águila García Tlf: 633633158 Email: lasdeliciasdelpalaciodeldean@gmail.com Web: https://www.lasdeliciasdelpalaciodeldean.com/

Las Delicias del Palacio del Deán is a rural green circular economy enterprise dedicated to the production of sweet and savoury jams, natural preserves and social eco-packaging.

All of them have something in common, they are 100% natural and artisan products, seeking the flavours and aromas of our ancestors mixed with spices and aromatic plants to give them a modern touch, made only with fruit or vegetables, organic sugar, organic stevia or erythritol and lemon or lime juice, without using additives or additional preservatives.

Our century-old vegetable garden and fruit orchard are located in the village of Villamiel, in the Sierra de Gata region, in Cáceres, in the north-east of the province of Extremadura. It is located near the border with Castile-León and the Portuguese border. It is a region with an abundance of oak, holm oak, chestnut and pine forests, and extensive olive groves and vineyards, which provide Gata’s gastronomy with the oil and wine with such a distinctive and exquisite flavour of the area.