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Sector: Wellness, Yoga Zone: Andalusia Address: C/ Curtidurías 12, Bajo. Barrio de San Lorenzo- 41002 Sevilla Contact: Fátima, Corrie y Roberto Tlf: 640 036 286 Email: info@lemonyogasevilla.com Web: https://es.lemonyogasevilla.com/

Lemon Yoga was created in 2019 by three friends who found their passion in the practice of yoga, all had intensive yoga training and decided to commit to inspiring healthier communities by giving people the tools to connect with their source, with their BEING in capital letters: their power and purpose and ultimately with each other.

With more than 20 yoga classes per week, with different teachers and styles to complete the practice and find the one that best suits each individual.

Regardless of the style, all classes use deep breathing to relax the mind and open the body to explore new postures and challenges. Each class can be modified and taken at the pace of the person practising.

In addition to yoga, they offer workshops, healing practices, training and community events, all focused on physical and mental wellbeing.