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Entrepreneurs Guide

Libélula Lila

Sector: Jewellery/Ceramics Zone: Andalusia Address: 41015. Sevilla Contact: Victoria Fuello. Tlf: Email: info@libelulalila.com Web: https://www.libelulalila.com/

Victoria first trained as a ceramist for five years at the Escuela de Triana and the Escuela della Robbia in Gelves. She became interested in jewellery from the very first moment, and today she spends most of her time researching and teaching herself new techniques, materials and designs.
As time went by, and partly to escape from the need for industrial fittings and make her own clasps and fastenings, she started to use metal more and more and nowadays she works with both materials, metal and ceramic, often playing with mixing them in unusual ways.
What she really loves is working with fire, either with a ceramic kiln or a blowtorch.
Her idea is to create pieces that are unrelated to fashions, original and always handmade, trying to ensure that there are no industrial components or that they are minimal and starting from noble materials, clay (ceramics) and metal (silver, copper or brass).
Her products include rings and brooches, bracelets and bangles, pendants, sets, necklaces and earrings.